Faisal Bushnak, Managing Director

Faisal Bushnak is a well known Saudi entrepreneur with over 34 years of experience in managerial and executive positions. Faisal Bushnak is currently the Managing Director of the Bushnak Group, Dar Al Taqniya, ATEICO and Wesco.

In 1976, Faisal started Land-Sea Transport Company ("LSTCO") along with his brother Zuhdi Bushnak in the city of Jeddah. LSTCO built and operated a completely independent new private seaport, located 10 kilometers south of Jeddah's main seaport.

In 1980, Faisal formed Al Kawther Industries with the objective of delivering innovative solutions in the field of water treatment and desalination plants in Saudi Arabia. Al Kawther was sold in 1986 to a group of Saudi investors.

In the early 1990's, Faisal, along with his two brothers, formed the Bushnak Water Group to provide innovative solutions and services in water desalination. The Bushnak Water Group is now comprised of six companies ranging from trading to consultancy.

Faisal Bushnak also owns and operates two of Saudi Arabia's leading advertising agencies: MaxVision-International and ATEICO, which promote some of the leading international brands in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area. Faisal is also one of the founders of ATEICO Education, which provides internationally accredited university education correspondence courses for expatriates and locals. ATEICO is the local partner of Indira Ghandi Open University and Birla Institute of Technology.

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Mr. Faisal Bushnak
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