BPWSL Current Projects
Karaikal Project will be a 10,000 m3/day plant that will be supplying desalted potable water to the Industrial PIPDIC area. The project consist of supplying potable water through the tankers and pipeline to the Industries in Polagam, PIPDIC, and surrounding industries like CPCL etc. The sponsors will be starting by half of the full capacity.

The plant site is located approximately 3 KM from the seacoast in the PIPDIC area, which is located about 12 kms away from the Karaikal Bus Stand and 6 Kms from Nagoor Railway Station.

The raw water will be drawn from the Bay of Bengal and will be treated in the desalination plant to achieve potable quality. The treated water will be filled in the tankers through the filling stations located in the plant area and supplied to end users in PIPDIC area. A dedicated pipe line shall be laid for transporting the water to CPCL. The end users will have contract with the tankers to transport water from the plant to their tanks.