Kindasa Phases

Kindasa Phase A:

  • Plant details: 14,000 m3/day, SWRO Plant
  • SWRO Recovery: 42 %
  • Capital cost : Appx. SR45,000,000
  • No. of RO passes:Two (partial second pass- 30%)
  • Pretreatment:Conventional single stage dual media filter
  • Designed & Developed By:Bushnak Group (DAT)
  • Constructed & Commissioned by:Bushnak Group ( WESCO)

Kindasa Phase B:

  • Plant details:26,600 m3/day
  • SWRO Recovery:50%
  • Capital cost:SR 125,000,000/-
  • No. of RO passes:Two ( Partial Second Pass-85%)
  • Pretreatment:Hybrid (DMF + UF )
  • Design REview by:Bushnak Group (DAT)
  • Commissioned and Errected by:Bushnak / DAT
  • Supervised by:Bushnak Group WESCO

Kindasa Phase C

Kindasa’s board has already approved the expansion plans of Kindasa phase C. The Kindasa team are preparing to launch and finalize the Specs of this additional expansion. The expected final output is between 8,000 m3/day - 10,000 m3/day.


Kindasa partnered last year with another Bushnak company to bid and supply Saudia City’s potable water requirements. The plant has been recently commissioned and has an overall production ability of 10,000 m3/day.