WESCO/Moya Bushnak Services

Water Supply Solutions: We are active in the area of developing water projects to chosen areas with water shortages. Through Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contracts and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contracts, we supply potable and process water utilizing available feed water (sea water, brackish well water or sewage/industrial waste water).

Operation and Maintenance: WESCO/ Moya Bushnak provides services towards plant commissioning and testing. We Operate and Maintain the plant.

Plant Refurbishment and upgrading: WESCO designs, installs, tests, commissions and carries out refurbishments and upgrades of water desalination or treatment plants to satisfy the client's unique needs. With our local presence and experience we can implement projects on a tight schedule while achieving minimum water costs.

Mobile and Containerized Plants: WESCO supplies containerized mobile RO desalination plants. They can produce several million litres per day of potable water, depending on the source of water and the size of the container.

Water Treatment Sub-Systems: Chlorination, Filtration, softening, de-ionizing, membrane cleaning and chemical dosing systems are some of the sub-systems that can be custom designed and built by WESCO to fulfil client's need.

Environmental Services: For the developers of residential communities and industrial areas we provide a wide range of environmental services. WESCO combines the technologies of water treatment, water conversion, landscaping and saline agriculture to create an eco-friendly landscape. We also carry out environmental pollution studies

Engineering Consulting Services: Provides engineering consulting services in the field of SWRO, BRO, WWTP, STP and environmental fields. Our services includes feasibility study, basic design, financial modeling, cost estimation, budgeting, detailed design, RFP/RFQ/tender preparations, evaluation of tenders, project supervision services, supervision services for O&M etc.