Electro-Chlorination is the process of extracting Chlorine from Brine or salty water. Chlorine is very important in many industrial processes and has wide applicability. Due to the high salinity of the brine (returned water) in water desalination Electro-Chlorination holds a great solution to utilize the returned brine.

WESCO/ Moya Bushnak has been active in the field of Electro-Chlorination for many years supplying and constructing various sizes of Electro-Chlorinators. They have executed and participated in various national and international projects. Their primary clients are large industrial entities which include companies like Aramco, Marafiq and ONGC etc. WESCO/ Moya Bushnak has several international affiliations in this field with international leaders in this field such as Charles Thompson,  Cumberland, TiAnode, STDN etc.